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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, August 13 2010

QUEST Discussion Topics, August 13 2010

1.)  A fundamental question for this week as a topic for discussion:

•       Various properties of human consciousness can be identified at the neural, behavioral, and phenomenal levels [4]. *** we are seeking engineering properties of consciousness ***
•       For Brian:  Neural correlates of human consciousness include the presence of thalamocortical signaling, fast, irregular, low-amplitude electroencephalographic (EEG) signals, and widespread cortical activity correlated with conscious contents [5–7].
•       At the behavioral level, consciousness has been associated with behavioral flexibility [8], rational action [9], and certain forms of conditioning [10].
•       These can be related to cognitive properties involving widespread access and associativity [8], multiple discriminations [11], and the capacity for accurate report [5].
•       These properties can be mapped to a variety of functions related to consciousness [12].
•       At the phenomenal level, human consciousness involves the presence of a sensorimotor scene, the existence of a first-person perspective, the experience of emotions, moods, and a sense of agency [13–14].


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