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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Aug 6 2010

QUEST Discussion Topics

Aug 6 2010

1.) Hacker in your hardware – a brief review of the topics in the recent Sci American Article associated with vulnerable microchips (Slides available upon request)

2.) Color Blindness and a Color Human Visual System Model – a brief review of work done by Capt Amerika, Special K and some of our prior students on a physiologically motivated human color visual system model which represents visual information with one brightness component and two chromatic components that can be used by one of our summer interns for her testing of color perception. (for those interested in the full article, can access through the AFIT library or online through IEEE.  Also we have a short ppt for those interested)

3.) Types of qualia – review of our two system QUEST architecture specifically emphasizing how we are using the word qualia and what are the engineering characteristics of Qualia Sys 2 and the sorts of computations that we are associating with our Libet Sys 1 (as discussed in the book Blink).  (two different ppts available here)

Discussion Topics and News – Aug 6 2010

The corresponding documents for tomorrow will be posted on the QUEST CoP here:
Supplementary material for those without access to the COP can also be found at the Quest blog, https://qualellc.wordpress.com.
As always, if anyone has anything QUEST-related that they would like to add, please feel free to do so in the meeting or virtually.
Offsite people (OSU, RI, SET, etc.) -please call 937-255-3636 x8992 to telecon
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