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Awareness and Consciousness

I would like to propose a unique use of these words – we keep getting wrapped up in how to use them:
Let me continue to define consciousness as generation of qualia – discernible aspects of your illusory cartesean theater.  Since each aspect has levels of uncertainty qualia can be measured in terms of the reduction of uncertainty for any given aspect of the cartesean theater thus = bits of qualia.  This gives me hope of coming up with a Theory of Knowledge (to also be defined – but we can tie to the sensing bandwidth …). 
Let me define awareness as the fidelity of the consciousness representation to physical reality.  If you will the mutual information between the Cartesean theater representation and God’s representation.
Thus when you are dreaming you are NOT aware but you are conscious.  You are generating a Cartesean theater out of qualia BUT the fidelity of that representation and the physical reality of the current environment is very low thus not aware.  The blindsight person has no cartesean ‘visual’ representation of the hallway thus no visual consciousness AND no visual awareness.  There is some aspect of their internal representation that has fidelity with the external world but it is below the level of consciousness.  You could (although very confusing to do it) say the Libet system is ‘aware’ of the objects in the hallway in the sense that the Libet system has fidelity (mutual information between its representation =bits and God’s representation = bits that represent the objects in the hallway).
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