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Capt Amerika gauging interest

Guys attached are the articles that are consuming my quest bandwidth for the week – I’m locked away a lot again this week but I wanted to get this to you so you can vector us towards aspects that particularly interest your quest itches.  You can look at this list or provide other stuff for considerations:

Barsalou – perceptual symbol systems – could spark an interesting discussion on amodal versus perceptual representations – brian directly in your interest I suspect – and a concern to the phd students as they attempt to implement solutions – also really interesting discussion on what is required for conceptual solutions to be functional – if you will what our tenets must include – really long paper and great feedback comments on the back – terminology issues tho

Aleksander – designing conscious systems – high level article on machine consciousness – leads to other work like by the cicerobot (museum guide ideas), has the five axioms of consciousness – characteristics that a machine implementation must account for  –

Sloman and chrisley – architecture based discussion – actually brings in qualia to the discussion – that mixture I thought was of common interest – attempts to address lack of definitions of concepts like information – can relate his ‘machine’ to our agents or at least one type of his machines –

Anyway as I come in and out of lock downs I will check emails – and try to be prepared on Friday to help lead a discussion on whatever the group wants BUT if you chime in – please do some homework in the respective area so you can help lead as I can’t guarantee how much bandwidth I can break free to be able to scratch you itches

Capt amerika

Barsalou PSS

designing conscious systems


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