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QUEST Discussion Topics and News for Apr 23

Weekly Discussion Topics and Weekly News

Apr 23, 2010

1.) This Friday we are honored to have Dr. John Salerno as a guest lecturer for QUEST.  Dr. Salerno is a world-class expert in many areas that are the focus of QUEST including fusion and situation awareness.  For this week’s lecture we’ve asked Dr. Salerno to focus on his work on SITA, Situation Identification and Threat Assessment – understanding the adversary.  In addition to QUEST interest with respect to solutions to this area (SITA) as a layered sensing driver problem, I hope to stimulate a discussion of the use of SITA ideas as a means to baseline a Libet soup generation of the competing plausible narratives.   The idea being that we need to generate many possible interpretations of the world we are sensing that compete with the winning narrative becoming what we perceive (our qualia).  SITA could provide an approach to generate the competing possible plausible narratives.

Salerno paper

Salerno Slides for QUEST

Weekly Discussion Topics and News Stories

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