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QUEST Topics for Mar 26th

QUEST Discussion Topics and Weekly News

Mar 26th, 2010

1.) Embodied Intelligence – Our first topic will center on a news article that we came across this week, titled Mind over matter? How your body does your thinking’ from NewScientist.  The article talks about the strong link between thoughts and actions, an issue that we have talked about in great detail in the QUEST group.  If you are planning to attend or phone-in to the meeting tomorrow give the article a read (you can follow the link above or see a short summary in the news articles below for this week) and come prepared to discuss.

2.) ‘Can computers help overcome limitations in human decision making?’ – recent article by Maule.  This is an area we have been concentrating on in our QUEST group and have taken the position that to ‘integrate’ humans and machines there needs to be ‘alignable’ representations by both the computer and the human.  To design representations for a computer that a human can align to requires an understanding of human decision making/thinking.  This article reviews some of the literature, we also have a ppt for this material as well.

Unanswered query from last week

The goal: Try to find this study through any means possible.

The study involves an analysis of what sort of nutritional regimen results in the biggest and best pigs.  The researchers split the pigs into three groups, with three different sources of nutrition for each group.  The first group of pigs was fed the standard pig grub (cornmeal, oats, etc).  The second group of pigs was fed the output (read: excrement) from the first group.  Finally, the third group of pigs was fed the output of the second group.  They allowed this setup to run for awhile, and when they collected their results, they got some surprising results.  The second group of pigs had grown to be the largest of the three, and the first and third groups were comparable in size. 

Dr. Kabrisky believes that the study was conducted at a school of agriculture somewhere in the breadbasket part of the country (area bounded by Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Georgia).  Pushed farther he believes that it may have originated from the Iowa Institute of Science and Agriculture or maybe from the University of Illinois.  He thinks that it has been in his memory for at least 40 years, maybe longer.

Anyone interested in trying to track down the study, please try to keep track of the search path that you followed or any search terms that you used successfully. We look forward to another successful result from our social search experiment!

QUEST Discussion Topics and Weekly News Mar 26th

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