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QUEST Discussion Topics and News for Mar 12th, 2010

QUEST Discussion Topics and Weekly News
Mar 12th, 2010
1.) Can a computer feel?  This is the same as saying can a computer ever generate qualia?  The dominant topic for QUEST this week is the discussion on Types of qualia in humans.  We have a ppt on the topic and have generated summary information slides also.  Our goal is to examine from our list of types of qualia the behavioral and phenomenal characteristics for them leading to a set of engineering characteristics for representing them in QUEST solutions.  Such solutions are our only hope for solving the wicked problems we face in fighting adaptable foes (like insurgents, cancer, cyber warriors). 
2.) This is an article from Physics Today that was brought to our attention by Dr. George Vogel.  His comments on the article and why we in the QUEST group might be interested in the material…
As far as my comments on the article, all of the music illusions were the result of our brain (Libet soup) unconsciously interpreting what we are hearing based upon our experience.  I thought it interesting that Helmholtz ( back in the 1890s) was thinking along the same lines as we are.  (See middle of the highlighted box by his picture.)  The last two paragraphs in the article are consistent with our findings in the Friday meetings. 

Anyone interested in reading the full article can follow this link to purchase it. We also have some summary slides for anyone interested.

QUEST Discussion Topics and Weekly News

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