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Other topics for this week’s QUEST meeting

2.)  Janet Peasant forwarded us the link to a very interesting site on the topic of neuroethics.  We have assembled a brief powerpoint presentation of the material for anyone interested, or you can feel free to go to the site yourself and explore the material.


3.)  We recently came across an interesting article from this month’s issue of the IEEE med and biology magazine.  The title is ‘Consciousness Platform; The Greatest Mystery of All Time’, written by Sid Deutsch.  We cannot post the original article, but we do encourage interested parties to look it up and give it a read.  We will probably start a discussion on the material in this week’s QUEST meeting, so anyone who cannot access the original article please let me know and we will ship you our notes on it.(Associated ppt for anyone interested)

4.)    Types of qualia discussion (Associated ppt for anyone interested)

5.)    Storage of qualia – gists and links. (Associated ppt for anyone interested)

6.)    Another area of interest to us, we have talked in the past about the usefulness of being able to group/cluster social media outlets based on more than just keyword comparison.  This group is doing some really interesting work in that field regarding blog organization and modeling interactions.

A general site listing the group’s project description can be found here.  Also you can follow the links below to download some of the selected pdfs that we have been reviewing. 

Social Computing in Blogosphere – By Nitin Agarwal, PhD Dissertation


Blogosphere: Research Issues, Tools, and Applications – Huan Liu and Nitin Agarwal



As another item in this discussion, please see the attached pdf from Gen Flynn stating the need for sensing public sentiment.


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