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We found Matt’s camel picture!

Challenge Description: The following is an ongoing mission that has been circulating for quite some time amongst the QUEST group.  Dr. Kabrisky has related to us a memory of a distinct photograph that he came across in a magazine some years ago, and is interested in trying to track it down.  He believes that he saw it in Life Magazine, the picture is of a man (perhaps a Bedouin), reclining in a tent watching a tv.  The man’s camel is resting it’s head in the man’s lap.  Matt recalls the picture covering a two page spread.  Anyone willing to try to their luck can query him for more details, we all eagerly look forward to seeing the original picture and seeing how it matches up with our imagined view of it.

Challenge Winner: John Flach

Search Method: Google image search ‘camel head in lap’, then flipped through results for several pages.  Note: this same search phrase now displays the intended image on the first page of results.

Capt amerika comment:   note some interesting points – most of my personal searches always included ‘tent’ – obviously the human memory (matt’s) was incorrect on this fact – to find what he was looking for required eliminating what he recalled as a key aspect of the memory but was in fact NOT there –

Dr Kabrisky comment – That’s good. The gist of this image to me was the close physical relationship between a man and his camel; incredibly like a man and his dog, and the incongruity of this ancient relationship and modern technology (the TV) and those are the details that I recalled acurately. The tent “memory”, replacing his actual living quarters, was a relatable confabulation, I think, of the sort that happens regularly in crime scene  reconstructions and I didn’t recall the geese at all. They had nothing to do with the man-camel-TV heart of the significance to me

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