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War game reveals U.S. lacks cyber-crisis skills


war game, sponsored by a nonprofit group and attended by former top-ranking national security officials, laid bare Tuesday that the U.S. government lacks answers… staged the war game to demonstrate to a complacent public the plausibility of an attack that could in many ways be as crippling as the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes. Organizers said they wanted to prod Congress and the Obama administration to act… war game, held over four hours at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, three wide-screen monitors flashed maps of the United States showing network coverage and electric power ebbing. The breakdown was covered by a faux news network, GNN. Senior administration officials watched the reporting of the unfolding crisis — 40 million people without power in the eastern United States; more than 60 million cellphones out of service; Wall Street closed for a week; Capitol Hill leaders en route to the White House… Jamie S. Gorelick pressed the issue of individual privacy. In a crisis, she said, “Americans need to know that they should not expect to have their cellphone and other communications to be private — not if the government is going to have to take aggressive action to tamp down the threat.” …She recommended that the Obama administration seek legislation for comprehensive authority to deal with a cyber emergency… also wrangled over how far to go in regulating the private sector, which owns the vast majority of the “critical” infrastructure that is vulnerable to a cyber attack

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