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Subjective vs. Objective, thoughts from Dr. Kabrisky


The brain has an objective to subjective mapper. This mapper generates the content of the subjective qualia+links data bank. The sensory system and the brain are objective devices made out of meat. The input data are objective from an objective world. But after the mapper operation, the resultant qualia+links behave subjectively (even though they are stored in the objective meat).

Thinking is carried out in the qualia+links system and generates more qualia+links. The inverse mapper, running in the meat, converts computed qalia to objective form by mechanical output organs like hands, body and facial muscles and speech generators.

We postulated the existence of the mapper because we observe our own behavior as pattern recognition devices in which an unlimited variation in shape has virtually no effect on our ability to FEEL that that we know what the input is linked to. And we are acutely aware when the input stimulus produces no link mapping.

When the input sensory data refer to our bodies (which are mapped cortically in special reserved areas), the feeling produced has the link we call “me”. It’s a quale and subjective.

The operation of mapping generates the “gap” and we operate (manipulate quali+links} only on mapped data. But easily generate objective events to control the real world and to interact with other brains. And while doing this, we map the sensed objective world back into qualia+links in a control-feedback loop.


The objective-subjective gap in our problem has an earlier equivalent. Geometry was a philosophy proposed as a way to rationally describe a formal model of physical reality. It started with formal, unassailable definitions of idealized real world objects: lines, angles, geometrical idealizations, and operations on them. Neat, simple, but the variables out of whioh you could construct anything in the world, completely describable, predictable and controlled. An axiomization of the observable world!!

And they saw it was GOOD. Nothing could happen that could not be tested and explained. But while doing this, it was discovered that the length of the diagonal of that beautiful, fundamental basis shape,  “the square”, is NOT a point on THE LINE….so much for that axiomization stuff.

Geometry is useful stuff, however, and its results can be APPROXIMATED to any degree you can afford. But there’s stuff going on in there that no one could ever have imagined at the time it was set up, and that stuff negated the original intent: to explain the world of shapes.

And now we hear Nature laughing once again, at us:

“I’ll give you critters a brain to qualiarize the world, and then you will use it to realize that there is no way to say what qualia are.”

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